• Puyang Donghao Company attended the first oil equipment exhibitio  14-12-06
  • Puyang Donghao Mechanical & Electronic Co., ltd have a complete s  14-10-13
  • October 11th, 2014 Puyang Donghao Mechanical & Electronic Co., Lt  14-10-13
  • Our company has been selected as outstanding private enterprise  13-06-14
  • Warmly celebrating that we have gotten API certification  13-01-06
  • Karamay International Petroleum &Petrochemical Technology and Equ  12-09-21

    ??? Puyang Donghao Mechanical&Electronic Co.,Ltd.which belongs to the ZhongYuan? oilfield industry companies,it Was established in?2005,and it is both a professional factory in pressure vessel design and manufacture and key private enterprises.
    ?? The company is based on water treatment equipment, machinery manufacturing, new technology research and development as the core technology oriented production. The registered capital is RMB 220 million yuan.
    ?? At present,there are 280employees,including 12 experienced senior engineers,28 engineers,36 technicians, 100 the car, grips, riveting, milling, electricity, welding, pull gold and other senior technicians.
    ?? It is certified for ISO9001:2000 Quality Management System,and it is certified for ISO14001:2000 Environmental Management System.


    Copyright:DongHao Mechanical & Electronic Co.,Ltd.   

    Add:East Side, Middle Section of Donghuan Road, Puyang City, Henan Province. P.R China Tel:86-393-8915988 Fax:86-393-8915966 E-mail:[email protected]  
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